Andrew Shirvell

September 29, 2010

It’s been a while since I’ve posted but this douche bag has awoken me from hibernation.  This approximately thirty-year old assistant attorney general has created a blog solely for the purpose of besmirching the student body president of the University of Michigan.  Look, if I grew up in a small town in Texas and we won the state championship in football and I never left that town, then, sure, I’d probably still hang out and football parties and what not.  But this fascist graduated from the University of Michigan in 2002.  Not only does he have an undergraduate degree and a Juris Doctorate, but he is employed by the state of Michigan’s attorney general office.  Maybe it’s time to move past university politics, especially if you’ve forfeited your right to vote by matriculating.  If you want to get involved with student politics, at least be a student.  Also, the election is over, Chris Armstrong won.  Move on!  Furthermore, if you think that blogging about a person’s sexuality is a way to discredit him, then get back in your time machine and travel to 2010.  With homophobes like yourself, I’m happy to sit around until you’re caught on the ass end of a glory hole, but before that I hope you’re gang raped by a crash of rhinoceroses.  I hate you Andrew Shirvell!


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